Monday, March 29, 2010

Air Hockey (and air guitar) Queen

I realized today that I haven't been sharing 'real' photos here lately--just snapshots of the studio. I've been posting my work on the Shutter Muse Studio fan page on Facebook, rather than here. Hmph. Will have to work on putting a few here as well.

Anyway. Last weekend we brought the game table over to the studio. I love the air-hockey feature (am almost as good at air hockey as I am at air guitar!), so that's what it is most of the time. May have to offer special discounts for people who can beat me :) It also transforms into a small pool table, a foosball table, and pingpong. And checkers/chess/backgammon. Should help teens and parents loosen up a bit before they get in front of my camera :)

Photo above is straight off the camera, all window light, no flash. Aperture: 4.5; Shutter speed: 1/100; Focal length: 53mm; ISO 800.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ribbon Cutting Day (Day 19)

The studio isn't TOTALLY done, but it's ready for opening. The ribbon cutting ceremony today was fairly low-key. About 25 ambassadors for the Burleson Area Chamber of Commerce arrived to take a photo and network a little. My mom and David were able to attend as well.

Anyway, I took some time after I dust-mopped the floors to take some photos of the nearly-finished interior, and have paired them below with 'before' versions. I was looking back through the photos I took during my first tour of the place, and I wonder now how I ever saw the potential. It's a dramatic transformation.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Progress! (Day Twelve)

My sign is finally up! Though it doesn't look quite the way I'd hoped, I'm happy it's up. Woo! This photo was taken through the windshield of my truck into direct sunlight, so pardon the bug guts. :) The painters were there patching the walls, and I didn't want to distract them.

Okay, here's a progress view of the front right portion of the studio. The boxes contain two loveseats that will go in the corner (gotta love IKEA and sofas that come in small boxes). The rubber wall base still needs to be installed along the bottom of all the walls, and the floors are a dusty mess.

Here's what it looked like twelve days ago, and here's what it looked like before that.

The front right portion of the studio, or what will be the 'office' area. Those sliding glass doors are on the side of the building and were quite handy when the place was a dry-cleaners, but will just be a window for my purposes. Yes, the walls are light gray.

The back portion of the studio, where the 'magic' will happen. Walls are darker gray. That wall cabinet will have to be painted out gray or black. And all the crap in the middle of the room, will have to paint that out, too, so it's not as noticeable. *grin*

For comparison, here's a similar shot from Day One.

Shot taken from the back door. Notice the stacks of folding stools waiting to be put together (just adding the footrests). And M inspecting some other IKEA purchases.

And lastly, the bathroom. I guess since I requested flat paint in the rest of the studio, they went with flat in the bathroom also. Have already scrubbed a thin spot by the sink, trying to clean up watery gray dribbles from the painters' cleanup.

LOTS of work still to do, as you can see! Stress level is rising a bit since the ribbon cutting is a week from today. But the studio will be a work in progress for several months, I'm sure--I just need to get it presentable by March 11th. :)

Thanks for your interest and support!